Statement of achievement

  • In the Abnormal Psychology course you will learn to identify the categories of psychological disorders and their causes and how they can affect a person’s behaviour.

  • The Adolescent Psychology course considers the changes that occur in adolescents at this particular stage of their development.


  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health course is an excellent introduction into the nature and scope of mental health issues amongst our children and adolescents.

  • If you work with children in a support, education or health industry role; the Child Psychology course will help you to understand the stages of psychological development for a child.

  • The Criminal Psychology gives an in-depth insight into why people commit the crimes they do and how psychological treatment can impact the level of criminal activities occurring.

  • The Developmental Psychology course was developed to assist teachers, health care workers and support personnel who provide counselling and support for children as they grow and develop into adulthood.

  • Developmental, Learning and Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adolescents

    This course helps you to gain knowledge of signs, symptoms and treatments for developmental disorders in children, including pervasive developmental disorders, behavioural disorders, and learning disorders.

  • Industrial Psychology was created to provide skills for managers and business owners to be able to understand the many personalities that work in your workplace and how this can relate to motivation, differing temperaments, work ethic and productivity.

  • The Introduction to Psychology course is an exciting introduction into the world of psychology where you have the chance to understand why certain characteristics have an influence on a person’s behaviour and how this can be used to motivate them in a work environment or personal context.

  • The Introduction to Sports Psychology course provides an interesting insight into the psychological traits found in successful athletes. 

  • The Managing Mental Health in Adults course will allow you to understand the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems.

  • Psychology and Counselling is a broad-based introductory course for students who would like to learn more about what causes people to feel stressed or anxious and also why, in some cases people will develop a psychological disorder.


  • Discover what the effects are of legal, illegal and prescribed drugs on the mind, body and behaviour.

  • To be able to identify the social needs of a person means you are able to assist them in the appropriate interaction with others.